Wizard - John Moses


Bid was a well travelled Eladrin by all appearances, his easy gait and intelligent eyes betrayed his experience to anyone that may be even casually observing. He is lean and tall, with piercing blue eyes that could produce both mercy to his friends and terror to enemies. All this only added to pulsing and almost visible aura of a natural born war wizard, the first of his kin in centuries.

While his age was only in his first half of life, he seemed to have aged prematurely, looking to be much closer to his middle third century. This was not always the case while living in the high cliffs near the feywild. He could remember clearly the magical and ethereal days on the cliffs, the breeze from valley below cooling his skin while practicing his war magic.

More than any of this he remembered his mate, Kaylea. She was the most beautiful of all the Eladrin women he had ever known. She was a talented ranger and well known throughout the land for her ability to protect her kinsmen from afar with her powerful bow. Every day was a gift, and even a normally stoic man like Bid would occasionally smile as if Corellon herself had touched his face.

In all of the worlds stories, however, true love breeds dangerous jealousy. The man who was supposed to be Bid’s truest friend, could not stomach the power and love that surrounded Bid. He seethed at the sight of joy and became warped with the envious cancer that grew inside of him. One day, he travelled to a lost place in the material world to find a legendary aging potion to end the torture he felt throughout his life.

The night came, and the poisoned arrows flew, striking Bid and Kaylea. They fell next to each other writhing in agony until the world went black. The jealous man then finished the potion to finally end the striking misery he had always felt.

“Wake, Bid, you have to save Kaylea. She has a destiny to fulfill. Corellon cannot assist you, you must travel to the material world and seek the cure or the Feywild will cease to exist.”

Bid awoke, looked at his mate, and knew that if he didn’t find the cure they would both die. He knew he must leave to save both of their lives and the Feywild…


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