Beastmaster Ranger - Sean Provost


Tsovorp is the son of Elanz & Brittele. His father, Elanz, was a naturalist & a great hunter who was the master over a male grey wolf & his mother Brittele was master over a female grey wolf. You could tell by his 1st ½ decade that he was going be a handsome Eladrin with long flowing silver hair & green eyes that resembled Emeralds. This was helped by his lighter than average skin tone. His family lived in a remote part of the High Forest. It was a small village that Tsovorp grew up in & it was a tight knit community. The village was part of the World Fall & it would disappear & re-appear every third full moon, without fail.

It was a 3 years after his 1st decade of life everything changed. One day at dusk, when the moon was set to be full, his mother Brittele took him for a walk with the wolves & cast a sleep spell on them. When he awoke his village was gone, not to return for 3 full moons. His mother had left provisions & his bow, though he did not recall her carrying anything out into the woods. During the waiting time, as Tsovorp calls it, he strengthened his relationship with his parent’s wolves. He also continued his bow practice, which helped to catch small game. Upon the return of the village Tsovorp was horrified when what returned were burnt buildings with no sign of life. The house that he had called home was burnt to the ground & the only thing that could be salvaged was his father’s great bow.

Tsovorp took the wolves & moved deeper into the woods to hone his archery & tracking skills. The wolves accompanied him & he could never tell if it was for companionship or to keep an eye on him, either way he was very grateful to have them near at all times. When the wolves had a son Tsovorp named him Loaf & thus started a new bond with the wolf family. Soon Tsovorp realized there was a special connection with Loaf & they seemed to share each other’s senses. After a few years of hunting with Loaf & practicing with the bow Tsovorp set out to discover what happened to his village & more importantly his parents.

With no father to guide him he is slight of build, but his accuracy with a bow will keep opponents at bay, he hopes. With no mother to finish teaching compassion he teeters on the edge of rage & a desire for revenge, at all times. He discovered a book, in a long since left campsite, that described the goddess Melora & he took her as his own goddess. He vows that he will find out what happened & handle it accordingly, even if it means fighting the gods themselves.


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